important: transponder information for 2019 races

The Kicker Arenacross is transitioning to transponder use during the 2019 race year. We will eventually require ALL racers to use MYLAPS transponders. You can either purchase your own or rent them at each of our events.

Beginning with Loveland we will only be using transponders for both Pro Classes.

Because we are testing our new system we will not be charging for the rental of our transponders for this first race for Pro classes.

*However, Pro’s will be required to leave a $100 deposit for the transponder that we lend them during this first event.*

The deposit can be made with cash or credit card and will be refunded at the conclusion of the event when you return your transponder. If you use a credit card for your deposit you should be prepared by bringing a copy of your credit card and driver’s license (on one page). If you do not return your transponder you will lose your deposit.

After Loveland we will slowly add classes to transponder use. Please check the event page on our website for the race you are attending to see if your class will be required to use a transponder.

The rental fee will be $10 per racer per race day. (i.e. Friday will be $10 and Saturday will be $10). Racers can NOT share a transponder. We will require $100 deposit on ALL transponder rentals and that deposit can be made with cash or credit card. If you using a credit card please be prepared to arrive at registration with a copy of your credit card AND driver’s license (on one page), or $100 cash. We will refund your cash or present you with your credit card copy at the conclusion of the event when you return your transponder.

We will have a limited number of transponders for sale in Loveland and at each event during the rest of the season. The cost will be approximately $125 with an estimated annual renewal fee of $50.

If you have any questions about transponder use please feel free to call or text 918-519-6686.