Round Recap: The Battle for 2nd

Kristen Beat (left) interviewing Isaac Teasdale (right). Photo: Jack Jaxson

Round 7 of the Kicker Pro National Series took place in Greensboro, NC. Jace Owen’s dominance continued as he took 1st place across the board. The real battle of the evening took place between the remaining members of the Phoenix Racing Team, Isaac Teasdale and Fredrik Noren. Teasdale and Noren’s battle lasted until the end, trading places being in the second place spot. Ultimatley Teasdale ended up victorious in the battle, taking 2nd place in both the 250 Pro and Open Pro Main Event.

Teasdale has taken 2nd place in all but two rounds in the Open Pro, and one round in the 250 Pro. The full Kicker Pro National Series Standings can be found here. Because of this, he does not trail Owen for first place in the series by many points in either class, and one first place win would put him right back in contention for the top spot.

Teasdale’s finished less than 2 seconds after Owen in both the 250 Pro and Open pro in Round 7. He’s certainly not out of the conversation for Series Champion and if Owen slips up in any of the upcoming races, you can guarantee Teasdale will capitalize on it.

Series Leader Jace Owen. Photo: Jack Jaxson

Rounds 8 & 9 take place in Chicago, IL this upcoming weekend. The new region will undoubtedly bring more pro racers, and thus more challengers to the Phoenix Racing Team. Will Teasdale find his moment and take the top of the podium this weekend? Will Jace continue his quest for perfection? Or will there be a new top dog coming out of the Sears Centre Arena on Saturday night? We’ll let you know!