Kicker Arenacross Rules

No one except the riders officially entered may ride or practice on the course during the event.

It is the duty and responsibility of the rider to determine the class in which he or she belongs.

Protest of age or rider ability must have proof from local tracks score sheets or print outs.

Officials may move riders up based on written or published proof that the rider has competed in a higher class.

Officials are not responsible for locating riders before their event.

Any verbal harassment or physical abuse of officials will be grounds for permanent disqualification.

No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances will be allowed on the track or pit area. Riders should not use any of the above mentioned substances
before or during an event as long as they remain in competition. Any rider that is impaired will not be allowed to compete.

A rider is responsible for the actions of their Pit Crew. Infractions by riders Pit crew or associated spectators will be grounds for penalties against that rider.

No late practice, one practice per class. We will not be responsible for locating riders for the event.

Not everyone makes it to the main. The number of gates on the line determines how many will ride in the main. All racers will race at least two times. If you do not transfer directly to the main from your heat race, you will go to the LCQ.

Regional awards will be Plaques.

You must start the main to receive points. DNS the main event results in 0 points. DNF you must complete at least 1 lap past finish line to receive last finishing position points in that race.

Kicker Arenacross events are open to all qualified participants without regard to the sex of the entrant.

Kicker Arenacross retains the right to deny any participant entry based on prior disciplinary action.