AMA Arenacross Partners with HURRENVISUALS to Redefine Track Visualization in the 2023-2024 Season

[Detroit, MI, November 9th, 2023] – HurrenVisuals, a blossoming creative design venture led by Bret Hurren, is set to play a notable role in the 2023-2024 AMA Arenacross season by creating animated track maps for each round. Focused on visual design within the motocross realm, HurrenVisuals first earned acclaim by crafting personalized race tracks for the motocross simulator on PC, MX Bikes. Since then, the brand has expanded its scope, bringing its creative expertise further into the motocross industry. HurrenVisuals recently gained additional recognition when commissioned by pro motocross racer Josh Grant, who enlisted Bret to craft a remarkable 3D replica for his newly established ranch in Florida. This project underscores the brand’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation, both on the physical track and in the virtual world.

The core mission of HurrenVisuals is to elevate the overall motocross experience, both on physical tracks and in the virtual realm. Proudly sponsored by Magic Motorsports, HLTN CO, and LCQ Studios, HurrenVisuals is delighted to announce its exclusive sponsorship of the 2023-2024 AMA Arenacross season. Through this collaboration, the brand will showcase its expertise by creating engaging animated track maps for each round, providing fans and racers with immersive digital perspectives on the unique layout of every race.

In alignment with AMA Arenacross, HurrenVisuals shares the goal of enhancing the motocross experience. The animated track maps are designed to offer fans a deep understanding of the racecourses, while also providing racers with a valuable tool for strategic planning and performance enhancement.

For more information about HurrenVisuals and its founder, Bret Hurren, please visit or on Instagram @hurrenmx.

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