2020 Winter Tour Information
*Coming Soon*


# of Races with Series Points:
6 Race Days
Minimum # of Races to Qualify for Series Awards:
Minimum of 4 Series Races
(We will take your best 5 races)

All Race Days count for Series Points

The Series Finale will be in Levelland, TX.

Key Things to Remember:
-Each racer is only allowed one mechanic/support person in the staging area with them.
This will be enforced going forward and disobeying may result in disqualification.

-Racers only participating in 250 Pro and/or Open Pro do not need to arrive as early as Amateurs.
We ask you are there by 2 PM to ensure time to park & register (if needed).

-Our website has an abundance of information located under the 'Riders' tab at the top of the site.
Please review all pages to ensure the race day goes as smoothly as possible.
If you have any questions upon completion of this, don't hesitate to contact us.

2019 Summer Tour has $5k Pro Purse

250 Pro & Open Pro

Per Class/Per Night
1st - $500
2nd - $300
3rd - $150
4th - $100
5th - $50
6th - $50
7th - $50
8th - $50